Sunday, June 29, 2008

Blood denaturingly hot

Today was really, really hot. Not like Arizona hot, but hot nonetheless. The problem is, being in Washington, we don't have air conditioning in our home, nor do we have it in our fuel efficient car. So we had to take the guzzler today to church because it got up to 93 (according to the news) today. Our house was so hot after dinner that we just went into the coolest room in our house (our bedroom), ate ice cream, and watched "Matilda." Lacy got scared in a lot of places, but she enjoyed it. Then Dave, being the great daddy he is, let her stay up for the next movie, "Nanny McPhee," before she had to get in her own bed. He did that mostly because it is so darned hot, and her bed isn't directly above the fan like ours is. On a positive note, the girls' bedroom, which they never sleep in, cooled down quickly, so when they're in there next yearish, it will be a little more comfortable for them. Perhaps we should just move them now. Or at least Lacy. She's been baaad about bed time lately! Gotta redo the routine charts or something, I think.

Later this week we're going on vacation. I'm so looking forward to it, despite a not so good weather forecast! We need some time together as a family. Dave has had one three day weekend since he's started working this job, and one other Saturday off. Other than that and the couple days he took off for the girls' surgeries and sick days, he's worked 6 days a week, 10 hours a day for 3 months. It's time for a break! The company started off with 180 employees, but has whittled it down to just four remaining employees-- Dave, his partner, and two other members of a different union. How flattering that Dave is literally going to be in the very final, small group to be let go. He must have impressed the right people! Heck, his supervisor got laid off before Dave did! He has two work days to go before he is officially (we think-- they keep changing it) laid off.


Les said...

Your bed is above the fan? Does it hang from the ceiling?

Sorry, I had to say it.

Carolyn said...