Monday, May 04, 2009

You know Lacy's having a bad day...

... when she gets kicked out of Primary. Fortunately, a little relaxation in my bed watching "The Sound of Music" made things all better.

Until 7 o'clock. Then her timer went off. She was DONE (and so was Rose). Unfortunately, we were in a social setting, which made for a bit of a dramatic exit. OK, a very dramatic exit. It's so hard to be social with little kids! And we are very social people!

I think she was tired. We tried getting her to bed early the night before, but she played in her bed for a while before finally falling asleep. Fortunately, tomorrow she can sleep in. And sleep in she shall!

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Momma Sarah said...

Oh, I just LOVE those kinds of days! NOT! She must have had a really rough day to get 'kicked out' of Primary! Glad she snapped out of it! Whew!