Thursday, May 14, 2009

Where are you going again?

Lacy's grandma has been talking to her about taking her to Leavenworth after she gets back from her mission in Germany. Lacy is very excited about that! But she's a little confused about where she's going.

Lemonwars. Yes, Lemonwars. Oh, and Turner's not going. Poor Turner.

And yes, that's a carrot she's eating. My kids take whole carrots out of the fridge and eat them, a la Bugs Bunny.

Her bags are packed, she's ready to go. Fortunately I'm still behind on laundry, so even though she put every single article of clothing that were in her drawers in her backpack, it wasn't too many!

Of course, books are of the upmost importance, so she took books with her. Especially since Grandma sold it to her with book reading while there! Good thing she didn't say anything about possibly seeing "Sound of Music," too!


Janet said...

I hope that she won't be too disappointed that we will be staying in a hotel while we are in Lemonwars (hope we can find it).

Momma Sarah said...

LOL! I gotta go visit Lemmonwars! Been to Leavenworth, but never Lemmonwars! Are they near each other? TOO CUTE!