Monday, May 18, 2009


My allergies are acting up today. Bad. I tried helping Dave with some outdoor work, but I was useless. I went home with the kids instead. So Dave worked for several hours while I rested at home, reading a book and trying to watch the kiddos.

They're so sweet. I was just not very nice today at all and despite that, they were pretty good. Other than some scolding for playing in the front yard that I had to do this afternoon (no way I could supervise them for that!). They were very sweet, trying to take care of their mother. Rose brought me a pillow and covered me with blankets, instructed me to close my eyes, and sang me some lullabies, and Lacy made me peppermint tea sweetened with (too much) tylenol, I mean xylitol. She's a very independent girl who knows her way around the kitchen already! She ended up making cups of tea for herself and for Rose, as well.

Now, I've practiced piano (a very small amount today since I'm feeling unwell) and I'm taking an allergy pill (which makes me incredibly drowsy) and going to bed. Hopefully I'll feel well tomorrow!


Josie said...

Hope you start feeling better soon! Yuck!

Terresa said...

Gotta love sweet helper kids. Get well soon.