Thursday, February 05, 2009

Kudos to you Moms

I am exhausted. I only have two kids, and I feel like I've been chasing 17 all around today. Rose is in that stage-- still-needs-a-nap-but-won't-go-to-bed-when-she-gets-one. That fun stage. She was grumpy pretty much from 3 o'clock onward. And I would have given her a nap today, but it was so crazy, and then she fell asleep in the car, and then I couldn't find my keys to open the door (but I was holding her) so I had to put her down, then it was all over.

Then Lacy. She thinks she's an adult. She really has no idea that she can't do everything that any grown up can do (but she still needs me to wipe her, and she even has a song about it that she made up-- she's so talented).

Thursday nights. Those are my hardest nights of the week. I'm in the Young Women's presidency. Dave's the Weebelos leader. And Dave worked today up north and got caught in bad traffic on the way home (he got off at 3 and we met at 7... one of those commutes), so we met at the church. I brought him dinner because I'm awesome like that. And because he can't eat anything but what I cook for fear of wheat (and, apparently, ham now, too). So, the girls have to come with us on Thursday nights. Lacy will not stay with me. And Rose has to follow her big sister. So usually Thursdays involve me leaving every 5 minutes to figure out where my girls have gone off to, which is mostly the stage or the nursery. Tonight Rose stayed put (I think due to exhaustion), but Lacy was all over the place. At one point, I couldn't find her. I circled the church twice. Looked in every room. Where did I find her? The Young Women's room where the hunt began (with a brownie she swiped from the Stake Choir rehearsal). She must have sneaked back in when I was running around like a mad woman, panicking because Lacy has no fear of strangers (there were two abductions of girls from LDS churches last year, so my fear is not unfounded). After a scolding, we tried to load the kids up and Lacy began to run off again. And then Rose freaked out when we wouldn't let her sit in Lacy's booster seat, only calming halfway through the drive.

Upon arriving home, Rose cried through prayer (she was ready for bed and wanted to go nurse *right now*) and Lacy did everything she could to stay awake longer. She had to make sure that her pillow was arranged correctly, and that I knew Reading Rainbow is having a contest. And to look for the stickers under the basket. And to get her new water. But not in that cup. You know, the usual tactics. But the good news is, she's sleeping in her big bed in her own room now! And she's been sleeping there all week! *sniff* my big girl is growing up.

I totally admire all of you moms out there with more children than I have. Maybe I have difficult children (I doubt it) or maybe other moms have better parenting skills than me (likely). I just can't imagine how it must feel to drop into your pillow after chasing more little ones around all day! It must be heaven (until it starts again at 4 in the morning when you have to change somebody's sheets, then you get elbowed in the eye because you have three extra visitors in your bed at 5...). Seriously, ladies, how do you that have more than two do it? Sometimes I wonder how I can do it with just these two. I told someone in my ward that I'm waiting 10 years to have more kids because than I'll have teenagers to help me out. You moms of many? You have my greatest admiration and my query: How do you do it???


Thom & Jenn Tobin said...

LOL, well it is not easy. When we had Ry, it really threw us for a loop. We were finally outnumbered, and she was the hardest, just because there is only two of you, and when that third comes, WAMM!! It was really hard. But then after that, no big deal, we had already gone through the difficult times, of adjusting to more children. And now my older ones are such a big help. But yes I do enjoy the when the tie of day comes that I get to colapse into bed:-) Though I think that it does help that my kids are growing up in a military family. More control, more...I don't even know what. But I generally attribute my success as a family on that:-)

But you are doing great, and it is part of the 'mommy code', to be dead tired all the time:-)

Eric said...

I enjoy keeping up with your life and your two girls. I am glad that you reopened your blog Carolyn.

Sue Perplies

Affe said...

I am shocked you can handle two. I am having trouble handling one.

Momma Sarah said...

Ah, it's all an adjusting game, really. Plus, yours are still young, hence all the running around all day long everyday. I look at moms who have 4 or more and wonder the same exact thing! Plus, I know exactly what you are talking about with you both having callings and having to take the kids with you! Been there, done that! It wasn't fun. I didn't feel like I was able to be there for the girls in YW. Just think, one day we'll be looking back and missing these days! (A long one day from now, I hope!)

Chanda said...

A lot of prayer and self reflection on what I can do to better myself to help my family. And learning not to sweat the small stuff helps, which I am still learning!

Kevin and Lynne Smith said...

Well after a while you get used to the tired and you get them one at time so it doesn't seem so overwhelming but I think every mother has dropped into bed at night weeping. It will pass and you will wonder how it happened so quickly. :)