Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The girl loves her clothes

We had family home evening tonight (we weren't home last night), and we played a game of strawberry jam (similar to hide and seek, except one person hides and when another person finds them they hide with them, "jamming" everyone in the hiding spot). Dave, Lacy and I were all waiting for Rose to find us. Since she's two, we were trying to give her hints, such as "Roooose! Rooooose! We're over heeeeere!" Very subtle hints, you know.

Finally she found us. She had changed her clothes while all the rest of us were hiding! She is so obsessed with clothes, changing her outfits, and dress-ups. She then changed her clothes again while we were reading scriptures. I guess she's always going to have to share a room with Lacy so that Lacy can find her clothes, since I'm sure Rose will constantly be borrowing them! Either that, or get a padlock for Lacy's closet.

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