Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Curly hair girl

Lacy's hair is pretty straight, but every once in a while she likes to get it curly and pretty. Which isn't too bad with the hot curlers, but they do get pretty warm on her head. Last night we did something a little different.

Recently we had a sheet casualty in our home-- all of a sudden our fitted sheet had huge holes in it. So I ripped it up with the help of the girls, and we made long strips, which I cut into pieces about 12 inches long. After a long bath and shower, Lacy got out and I rolled her hair up into the strips of fabric.

She slept with her hair like this, and in the morning she couldn't wait to get her hair taken out of the rags.

The back looked great!

The front... a little frizzy.
But I put it back with a ponytail and it looked pretty good. And it's almost 5 and the curls are still holding strong!

The funny thing is, she was wearing her cousin Regan's old clothes, and had curly hair, and my sister Les and I kept thinking for a split second we were looking at Regan (never mind that Regan's hair is now straight and brown!).


Blonde African Americans said...

She looks like her dad in the last photo

Mommy Bee said...

I have natural wave, but if I use curlers I end up as a frizzball.
My sister has straight hair and nuthin but nuthin will give her a curl.
I think it's nice to have something in the middle...straight for ease, but able to curl as well...lucky girlie you've got!

Kevin and Lynne Smith said...

GG used to put my hair in rags. I remember getting up on Christmas morning and ripping the rags out of my hair before I went to see if Santa came. I was not going to have any pictures with my hair in rags.