Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Attack of the Cat-Dog Girl

Rose is a very confused little girl. She loves to pretend! And she really loves animals. The girls will play with animals all day long, and will pretend to be animals (as long as they can wear dress ups while playing animals). When I talk to Rose about animals, I ask her what certain animals say. Her responses are either "Moo" or "Meow." She only deviates if she has recently heard another animal sound demonstration, such as "woof" or "oink." I guess she likes "M" animal sounds.

So it seems to follow that she would be confused with actual animal behaviors as well. Rose will randomly drop to the ground on all fours and start crawling around. "Meow!" she will declare. "Meow!" And then, out comes the tongue and the panting. And she licks anyone she can find.

Perhaps I should be reading more animal books to her.


Tana said...

How cute. I always say "ruff" for a dog and my DD told me I was wrong. She said that it is "Woof" But our friends dog sounds like "Arf" How can a little girl figure all this out? She is a smart one.

Momma Sarah said...

Oh that's funny!