Friday, November 23, 2007


I wanted to blog this yesterday, but I was so tired last night when I got home I went to bed!!!

Yesterday, Dave took out our nephews Hayden and Porter to go salmon fishing. They weren't having much luck at one area, so they went to another (very muddy) area. As they were going down, Dave realized he had his polarized prescription sunglasses in the truck, so he quickly ran back up to trade them out. After a while, they got home, and Dave realized he couldn't find his glasses anywhere. He cleaned out the entire truck and still could not find them. We said a prayer, and Dave asked Heavenly Father to have Lacy help us find his glasses.

We drove out to the area that Dave went fishing and he looked on the ground for about 10 minutes and no luck. We got out of there, disappointed we didn't find his glasses, and Lacy said, "There are your glasses, Dad!" and she pointed over in Dave's general direction. "Honey, these aren't the glasses I was looking for." "No, Dad, up there!" Oh, the visor! Dave checked, and sure enough there were the glasses! We couldn't believe it! Heavenly Father allowed our 3 year old to find Dave's glasses. We gave a prayer of thanks and went off to dinner.

At my mom's house, Rose said "play" to Kurt's girlfriend Jackie. Then later, one of the girls was crying (Marilyn? Regan? Not Lacy is all I know) and Rose walked out of the living room and said, "She's crying." !!!!!!!!! Her first sentence! That I know of anyway.

My sister Leslie was negotiating on the phone yesterday for a house. In the middle of all this, my friend Emily gives me a call, saying that they're heading in to the hospital soon to have a baby. She was almost 41 weeks, so she was relieved to finally be in labor. I needed to take her daughter Wynnie for the night. After about 15 minutes, we packed up the kids and met them at the hospital. She was very clearly in labor, probably transition. We got Wynnie and left, put three kids to bed, and got a phone call around 9:20, letting us know she had the baby! She was checked when she got there and was 7 cm already, so she decided to go without an epidural. At 8:54, Esme made her way into the world weighing 8 lb on the nose and was 21 inches long. I haven't talked to Emily yet, but mother and baby apparently are just fine. I'll probably take the kids to the hospital sometime today, see if I can drop of Wynnie if someone else is there. I'm very excited for Emily, and for Leslie who made a deal on her new house! YEA!!!

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