Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Sick Kids

Both girls are sick. It started late Saturday night (I blogged about it earlier this week) and it's still going on. I'm just glad I didn't take the girls to storytime today! Lacy projectile vomited in the kitchen last night at dinner, and tonight Rose projectile vomited on me, the floor, and herself, requiring an immediate and unpleasant cleanup, including a bathtub sentence of 10 minutes while I cleaned up the living room. Unfortunately Dave was not home as he is working swing shift this week, so I was all by my lonesome cleaning up her mess.

I am just glad I had ice cream on hand. Tonight, I definitely deserved it. I found a half eaten banana (from today, I swear!) and made myself a banana split.

With all this vomit talk, I need to post something pleasant. So here are the girls' fall pictures. I already posted them on the Abersold family blog, so my dear readers who also read that blog will have seen these already.

This next one look familiar? Yes, I replaced last year's cute fall photo with this new and improved cute fall photo. I need to photoshop those peple out of the background and then I think this one will go on the wall.

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christine said...

the pics are adorable--I hope both your kiddies feel better soon.