Sunday, November 11, 2007

Go figure

For the past couple of weeks, I have been subbing in Relief Society as the pianist. Today was supposed to be my last day. Well, I did an okay job the last two weeks so I decided this week I was going to get my rear in gear and practice, practice, practice! So Sunday, I picked out three hymns that went along with the upcoming week's lesson, and played those hymns every single day this week. I also prepared myself for the hymns I would lead in Sacrament Meeting.

Last night, we woke up to a puking Lacy at 12:45 am. Which wouldn't have been a big deal had Dave not been scheduled to work Sunday, so he couldn't stay home with the girls. Lacy woke up twice more puking, and Rose ended up getting sick the next day. Dave got it, too. The thing that made me feel the worst about it was that I visited my girlfriend Emily yesterday. She is due with her fourth baby on Saturday. I really, really, really hope she doesn't get sick, and that her kids don't get sick, right before her baby is going to come! I can't imagine trying to labor while sick. Yuck.

But I do have good news! My sister Leslie and her family are going to move up from Arizona! I'm so excited to have them in town again! Lacy is very excited to get to play with Regan and Turner all the time. This will be so fun! Anyway, Dix got the job offer Friday, returned this morning, they'll be packing all week long, loading the U-Haul and truck on Saturday, leaving first thing Sunday morning. They will drive from Phoenix to St. George the first day, St. George to probably Orem the second day, and the third day they will either drive straight through or they will make a stop off in Idaho somewhere. They will arrive Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, either really early in the morning or in the afternoon, depending on if they can drive a 14 hour stretch with a 2 month old, engorgement, 5 crazy kids, and only two drivers (and two vehicles that need to be driven!). They are renting the largest U-Haul truck, the largest U-Haul trailer, which will be towed behind the U-Haul truck. Then they will have their Suburban, and they will get a tow dolly to tow their truck (which will also be loaded with stuff). I seriously don't know how they will be able to swing driving from Orem to Olympia in one day. That is hardcore driving, when you're talking about that many kids including a toddler and a very young nursing infant. My Rose couldn't even handle 10 hours when she was 14 months! Good luck to them! Please keep them in your prayers this week and next week, they have a lot going on.

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