Friday, August 17, 2007

Surprise oral surgery

This morning's dental appointment was for a consult. Dave was so upset to have given up potentially 15 hours of overtime for a consult. Especially when he thought it was for a root canal. All was not lost-- the surgon had an opening at 1 o'clock, which is pretty good considering usually it takes months to get an appointment! So we made sure my mom could watch the girls, went back to Olympia for a few hours and then went back up to the surgon in Tacoma. Five hundered dollars later, I mean one hour later, Dave came out of surgery with three fewer teeth. Well, they weren't really teeth. Just the roots in 2 cases, and only a small chunk of a tooth in the other case. We will be getting some vicodin and antibiotics tonight for the pain and infection.

Dave only has one molar on the bottom of his mouth now. We will have to get him fitted with some partials for the time being, though he really wants some implants back there instead. He also has a couple of root canals to get done and some cavities to fill. But the most important part is done-- the bad teeth are gone.

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