Sunday, August 19, 2007


At dinner time, when we say "it's time to say a prayer" Rose will fold her hands and talk in gibberish in the same intonation as one would say a prayer. She did this at my parent's house this evening and it was very cute.

Also Lacy has a baby in her tummy named Bella. She has pink eyes, pink hair, and pink clothes. Just thought you should all know.

And more progress on Dave's genealogy lines: I found his great grandparent's names. Now I just need to find her maiden name so I can do a little more research. I have found one generation more than I had yesterday, though. I also found the first name of his great great grandmother, and her approximate birth year and place, and the birthplaces of her parents. But again no maiden name, so I'm kind of hitting dead ends with the women. I am trying to find marriage records to get maiden names, and have contacted a volunteer from the US Gen Web Project for assistance with this. Hopefully he'll be in touch with me in a day or two and I can find out what is gg's maiden name was!

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