Thursday, August 16, 2007

I'm so lame

I haven't posted in so long. I'm just trying to keep the house clean and the kids fed! But the girls have been up to so much lately. Lacy is growing like crazy and is so grown up now. She has been asking to go to Sunbeams, less than 5 months till she goes. Yikes! Rose now has 14 teeth as of this week, and is learning new words all the time. The other day she said penguin, and she is saying many other words and almost all the names of people in her life. She also is getting into all sorts of trouble by climbing on everything. I actually broke down the other day and put a latch on the kitchen cabinet below the sink because she kept getting into it. Sometimes, if I can't find her in the house, I just have to look in the back yard and I will surely find her in the sandbox. She can get the lid off by herself. She is definitely a second child-- very independent and plays well by herself. Lacy is also independent, but she has to play with someone all the time. I really wish we had friends who lived very close so that I could have her play with someone all day long. I find myself sitting her in front of the TV all the time lately, and that is something I swore I would never do, ever. Fortunately, in two weeks I will be watching a 4 year old named Cooper, so hopefully she'll be entertained enough by him that she won't want to watch TV at all!

I also solved bedtime! Lacy now goes to bed so well every night. The trick is our routine poster. Thanks to Emily for suggesting it! Anyway, she has 8 things on her poster, all of them represented by a picture. It takes about 20 minutes from start to finish to do her bedtime routine. We're also doing it with Rose, but going to bed easily probably won't kick in for another few months. Anyway, our routine is: 1. Spiritual time (scriptures, hymn, prayer) 2. Pajamas 3. Brush teeth and wash up 4. TWO books 5. Personal prayers (she usually blesses the food while she is at it) 6. Nurse for 5 minutes 7. Play music (Cinderella is the only option she will take right now) 8. STAY IN BED AND GO TO SLEEP. For the past two weeks, this routine has only not worked once. She has gone to bed easily by herself from the first night we started it. I think in another two weeks we will start a morning routine as well. We actually initiated the routine posters by having a FHE lesson about it, and ever since she has been a dream to put to sleep. I wish I had thought of this two years ago! Oh well. At least things are easier now.

Dave has an abcessed tooth. He has a dentist appointment tomorrow morning at 7 am. Hopefully the dentist will fix it, even though he is going in for a root canal. I just want him to be comfortable. I know he needs a lot of work done. I worry about his mouth quite often. He already has a genetic propensity to have poor oral health, but he also was struck by lightning nearly 10 years ago, further weakening his teeth and destroying much of his dental work, and it also irritated his stomach problems causing ulcers from all the scar tissue and such. So he throws up almost daily, making his teeth that much worse. I just don't want him in dentures when he's 40!

And more good news-- I've traced one of Dave's lines back 17 generations when two weeks ago we had information on his great grandparents and that was where it stopped. I've found about 200 names, most of whom haven't had temple work done for them. Yippee! Now I'm stuck on some of his other lines and one of my mom's lines as well, but apparently a cousin of mine is doing some work on that line so I'll have to be in touch with her. I do think that my mother in law is up in heaven helping me find the information to take to the temple. It makes me feel a lot less guilty about not being able to go as often as I should.

Anyway, that's the update for now. I had better start my own bedtime routine-- I have to be out the door before 6 tomorrow morning!

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Angela said...

WOW Carolyn! Good for you for doing geneology work! That is so awesome! I truly admire you for doing that!