Monday, May 07, 2007

Three-Diaper Day

Today was a great day, a three diaper day! That means that Rose only peed in her diaper three times today (other than a sopping wet morning diaper because mommy is too tired to take Rose potty at night). My goal is to get down to one load of diapers per week and we're getting pretty close to being there! However I hear that once they start walking, EC is a whole new ballgame. Rose will be walking probably in the next 3-4 weeks. She will occasionally stand unassisted for perhaps 5-10 seconds, but does not stand up on her own from the middle of the room. She uses furniture to get herself up.

Lacy was such a good girl today. She was exhausted by the end of it. It was beautiful today so we spent much of the day outdoors. Dave was off work today so he decided to tackle the carport and start fixing our fence. Lacy wanted to help him the entire day! Dave almost got the carport in order and didn't get anywhere close to starting the fence, but at least we have all the materials! He will be making a fence with two doors to swing out, one big one and one little one, so we can move the little one when we just want to walk in the back and move both of them when we need to drive a truck in the backyard. We hope to have a nice backyard by the end of the summer, with a deck and a small play area for the kids. I'd really like a garden, too, but I'm not counting on much of one this year. At the minimum we will have tomatoes and an herb garden.

Because Lacy was so excited with Dave being home, she didn't get a nap today, though we did try to have some quiet time. I was thinking about taking the nap out permanently but my sister suggested instead to wake her up an hour earlier and limit her nap to one hour and see how that goes, because once you cut out the nap it is nearly impossible to put it back in! Lacy has always had trouble falling asleep at night and I think her nap has something to do with it, but we'll try the early wake up, short (and early) nap for a few weeks. I think I'm also going to cut out one of Rose's naps because on the days when she gets two naps she falls asleep at around 9/9:30 and when she only gets one nap it's more like 8.

Anyway I'm rambling now, but I just wanted to report that today was good, we got a lot done, and I'm loving being a full-time stay at home mom! It's an adjustment, for sure, but I really love having the kids all day, every day. Tomorrow we're going to the library and a few friends from church are meeting me there, so I'll have some adult interaction! Woo hoo!

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