Thursday, May 17, 2007

Rose's New Tricks, and why I am so cool

Rose is now hi fiving, in addition to clapping (patty cake) and waving bye bye. Now we just have to get her to start signing and we'll be good! I show her the potty sign every time she sits on the potty.

Speaking of potty time, I was really starting to worry about my poor girl because she hadn't pooped in 3 days. I had been feeding her all kinds of soft foods and finally today she did. On the potty. Soooo glad she did that-- I wouldn't have wanted to clean that diaper up. Yuck. She's much happier today now that she pooped!

Lacy threw up last night in bed. Ugh. I'm just glad I've been putting her hair up in braids so it didn't get in her hair. I think it's because she has allergies. She won't take the allergy medicine, though. She says it's yucky and today squirted it on the couch when she didn't want to take it. She got a long time out for that one. Little stinker.

One last thing, on why I am so cool: I ordered some ink from One of the ink cartridges was defective. I got a return authorization from them, but they said I would need to mail it back to them. It did not say anything about a prepaid fedex ticket or anything, so I wrote back asking them how they would be paying for the shipping. They wrote me back saying that I was responsible for the shipping, just like I would be responsible for taking something back to Wal-Mart had I made a purchase there (well, I don't shop at Wal-Mart, but that's another blog post!). I wrote back saying that the comparison was not the same, and that I would report them to the BBB if they didn't pay for shipping and that I wanted a resolution that day.

Guess what? It worked! That evening, I had a prepaid fedex ticket email and a return authorization form. I just have to figure out where to send it from and I'll be good to go. I am so cool for twisting their corporate arms like that! Go me!

So, now I'll be happy to recommend to anyone who needs to make an ink purchase. :)

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christine said...

I think its amazing how businesses like to take advantage of people. Good on ya for giving them a dose of their own medicine!