Thursday, May 31, 2007

First birthday

So I guess I'll admit it now.... Rose is one. She even took two steps in the bathtub on her birthday, a feat not equaled until yesterday when she took one step. She is now standing up on her own from the middle of the room and I expect she'll be walking for real in another week or so. I guess my baby isn't a baby anymore.

And man am I baby hungry. But no babies for me this year, or next. I'm just not ready to have another baby! Not until I can get both kids to bed easily without spending a lot of time and effort, both kids are weaned and in their own beds, Dave is through school, and we have a minivan. Okay, so maybe we'll never have another one!

Rose's one year old stats are as follows, as taken by her pediatrician's office on the 23rd: weight, 21 lbs 11 oz; length 29 3/4 inches; head size: 18.5 inches

And pictures of my birthday girl:


christine said...

what a cutie, love the picture with the camera and her cute little dress!

Tuan's Princess said...

Omgoodnees - you are one gorgeous momma! And your daughter is adorable as well ;o) Happy Birthday Rosie!