Sunday, May 06, 2007

Photos-- it's about time!

I'm really good about taking pictures of the girls. But that's where my dillegence ends. They just sit in my camera or on my hard drive, don't get posted, don't get printed, don't get scrapbooked. It's mostly because my computer is a dinosaur (which Lacy is afraid of, by the way-- dinosaurs, not my computer) and it takes f o r e v e r for anything to run on this darned thing.

But today I will be posting photos for your viewing pleasure. Because I know you want to see my beautiful kids. Lacy, who is always surprising me with new things she does and says, and Rose, who is growing like a weed. Rose cut her eighth tooth on Tuesday, by the way! Woo hoo! And, I have discovered that my baby has rhythm. She can keep a beat pretty much in time to whatever music we're playing. AND she started playing patty cake this week-- I say it and she immediately starts clapping.

Current kid stats (unofficial-- we'll be going in for a well baby check this month for the official stats): Lacy: 38 inches (80th percentile) and 27 pounds (19th percentile). Rose: 30 inches (85th percentile) and 22 pounds (72nd percentile). Rose is quite a bit heavier than her sister was at this age!

Lacy at the procession of the species in downtown Olympia, showing us her tootsie roll prize that someone threw to her.

Rose earlier today, being smiley and happy as always!

Lacy in the front yard wearing dad's shoes. She does this a lot. It's still cute every time she does it.

Rose eating her first pear. And by first pear, I don't mean strained pears, canned pears or even cut up fresh pears. I mean, she found a whole fresh pear laying around and started eating it without me noticing for a few minutes. I saw her and grabbed the camera and eventually moved her to her highchair because she was making a mess. Most of the other photos in this series (as with the procession of the species series) are in portrait view so I have to download them and switch them before I can add those ones to my blog. I also need to download a bunch of videos to youtube or something because I have videos of both the girls dancing that I'd like to show you!

But stay tuned! I am planning on doing a lot of photo organizing this week and I'll post more photos when I get them all downloaded.

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