Monday, April 23, 2007

Miracle of miracles

Yesterday at church, I did not have to leave the chapel even one time. Neither did Dave. It’s a miracle! Lacy has sat in church two Sundays in a row without asking to leave. And Rose was able to fall asleep and stay in the chapel as well. Lacy joined me on the stand as we were singing a choir number, and she sat with Sidsey for part of church as well. I’m so proud of her—she’s really growing up!

Rose cut another bottom tooth this weekend. So she’s up to 7 teeth now. She’s also waving all the time at people and is as happy as ever. Except when she has to poop. She’s been constipated lately and will cry when she starts pooping. So I will sit her on the potty and Lacy and I will go in there and cheer her on. Yesterday I gave her some prune juice and she is now officially unblocked. I think she’s been blocked up so much because of all the grown up food she’s been eating lately—chicken pot pie and shepherd’s pie have been on the menu this past week, and she’s eaten them without any alterations. I have been making a concerted effort to ensure she eats enough fruit, because I think that will help with her plugged up-ness too.

Only 5 more days that I have to work until I get to goof off and eat bon bons all day long!

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