Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Dave is growing weary...

What a man I am married to. He’s so wonderful, taking on voluntary overtime to earn a little extra to help us out once I quit my job (of which, by the way, I only have 2 working days left!). But all the overtime (which amounts to working 60 hours a week of HARD labor) is making him tired and weary. I feel bad for the guy. I try to make things easier for him by having dinner ready every evening and having things at home to make lunches easier to pack, doing almost all of the household chores and trying to keep the kids out of his hair when he’s resting (HA!).

Dave is probably the hardest working man I have ever known. I appreciate his work and his dedication to our family. He has such confidence in our decision to have me quit, and I appreciate that because sometimes I’m not so sure I’m making the right choice.

His work has taken notice of his hard work, too. Last week, the CEO of his company came up to Dave and said he had heard good things about him. He asked if Dave plays softball, which he does, and invited him to join the company team. So of course Dave wants to rub elbows with the boss man so he says of course he’ll join! To heck with sleep! Who needs it, anyway? He only gets up at 3 in the morning, what’s sleep when you have SOFTBALL!

At first I thought he was a little insane for saying he’d join. But after talking to my lovely sister Leslie, she made the point that he needs to be able to do something for himself that he enjoys, and may actually be a SMART move. Because he won’t be putting 100% of his effort into earning a living anymore. He’ll get some time that is just HIS. And that can do a lot for keeping mental breakdowns at bay. So now I’m glad he’s on the team. He can not only have fun playing, but he can spend time with the CEO and other higher ups of his company, making a name for himself not only as a hard worker but as a generally good guy that’s fun to have around. Dave would like to advance in the company he’s at, hopefully going into a job that doesn’t require hard physical labor in a few years, and this is a great way to get your face out there. I’m still hoping he’ll go to taxidermy school, but the way he’s talking, it looks like he’s not going to go, at least not in Pennsylvania, anyway. As long as he’s happy in a career that he enjoys, that’s all I care about.

So starting next week, here’s the plan. I’m going to pack a picnic dinner every Wednesday and the girls and I will watch him play ball. That way, he can have food, have fun, see his girls and wife, and not feel guilty for adding something else to his plate. We’re not going tonight because it is a double header, but I want to start going to the games next week.


christine said...

Poor guy--I do feel for what you guys are going through. I do think playing softball is a good move though. Some of the biggest business deals are done out of the office and what a great way to network. I think its also a great way to blow off stress and steam which sounds like he's got quite a bit at the moment.

P.S. you guys will be ok once you stop working. Focus on how blessed you are and you will never suffer for needs. I have been unemployed for nearly three months now and things have been so much easier because of changing how we look at things. Sorry--just thought I'd mention this quickly!

Angela said...

It must be hard to let him go, when he is home so little. However, I know he will love you even more for your sacrifices in his behalf. :) And I'm sure the girls will love watching their Daddy play softball!