Thursday, February 15, 2007

WOW there are a lot of Rose milestones lately!

And here are some more!

Rose cut her second front top tooth Tuesday. She is working on the two side top teeth as well. Now there is a grand total of four teeth.

She is also pulling herself up and is starting to cruise around the furniture. I sure hope I don’t have an early walker on my hands! Lacy walked just after her first birthday and that was plenty early for me. Rose is barely crawling and I want her to get that experience for a few months before she ventures into the walking arena.

We had a GRATE Valentines Day. We were surprised with treats from Tuana in the morning. There were two cuddly soft bears, the lighter one is Rose’s and it is named Nutmeg and the darker brown is named Cinnamon and is Lacy’s bear. I had to name them for her because she just wanted to name them “bear!” She is so uncreative with naming. All her babies’ names are Rose, Allison (her baby cousin), Jesus (all the talk of Baby Jesus during the holidays, you know!), or just Baby. Usually just Baby. So I had to suggest some names for her bears! Yesterday evening, after surprising me with some flowers, Dave took me out for sushi at the Sushi House. I put a review on the Abersold Family Blog. It was yummy! Dave’s dinner was raw and mine was cooked. We also went to the bookstore, and bought a few movies at Hollywood Video. Tuana watched the girls for us. It was nice having a few hours without them, although I was feeling a lot of guilt after being gone all day and then not 30 minutes after I get home, leaving them once again. Oh well, I have a three day weekend coming up to make up for lost time.

Lacy had trouble falling asleep (again). But I did have fun reading her several books last night. Bedtime is our special time to reconnect. But once we’re finished with the reading and the hugging and kissing and nursing, she screams and cries and gets out of bed. She hates going to sleep, but she needs the rest!

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