Thursday, February 01, 2007

Technical Difficulties

I'm having some problems trying to download pictures to the computer. I'll try to download them somewhere else but in the meantime you're going to have to deal with no pictures. Bummer.

I've been sitting in at the director's office this week. It has been so boooooring! The phone rings maybe three times an hour if I'm lucky. Then people are either thinking that GA is a general information agency which is NOT at all what it is, or they're phone solicitors looking for the IT director or trying to sell me their paper product. Whatever. I can't wait until I'm back at my regular desk!

Lacy has a horrible cold and has been having nightmares because of it! The other night she woke up screaming for her daddy. It was pretty scary for us since this is the first time we've dealt with nightmares before.

Over half of Dave's crew got laid off because the worksite he's on is dangerous. Dave is the most junior guy on the crew, but he's a hard worker and he knows his stuff so they kept him on. They're desperately trying to make sure that Dave and the other guys on his crew have work for the next two weeks with this company because they are so fast. If Dave is off of work for even a couple of days he will find another job with the union (not hard with an experienced asbestos abatement technician). They want to make sure he stays with their company so they'll probably temporarily transfer him to another jobsite. Dave has several leads if they can't keep him working, though. He really likes this company and he hopes they keep him working.

I have another story about the layoffs but I need Dave to tell it to me... I need to get it just right for posterity! I'll post again in a day or two when I have some extra time. For now, I've got to sign off. I'm sewing some training pants for Lacy & Rose.


sherrie said...

i didn't realize you worked at GA! what do you do there? tell marcia hi if you see her!!!! and give me some updates on that i think about it, i kinda miss that place....ok kinda ;)

Carolyn said...

I'm in RES working for Bob Bippert. I see Marcia all the time! Who do you want an update on? I can give you the low down!

sherrie said...

in your dad's office people like marica, julie, crap i can't remember any ones names - i'm just seeing faces. sunil! ha i remembered his name ;) and all the ladies in that office. they were a fun group to work with.

Carolyn said...

I love Sunil. I think he retired a couple years ago (when I was pregnant with Lacy maybe?). Who is Julie?