Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Water Heater Woes

The bottom of our water heater rusted out. So that’s why we had a huge mystery wet spot on our carpet. We finally figured out what was wrong yesterday. So Dave took out the old water heater and installed a new one as soon as he figured it out. We also moved all the furniture and anything on the floor of our bedroom and pulled out all the carpet. So now we no longer have pepto pink carpet in our room! We were able to find a good deal on some Berber carpet in a light tan color for our room and our closet. We also moved the water heater to the middle of the closet instead of the corner so we now actually have more usable closet space. We will now be able to put another clothes rod on the other side of the closet so Dave can have his side and I can have mine. Plus the water heater is on a stand so we have 18 inches of free space below the water heater. We may actually end up doing some sort of built in closet configuration as well, with drawers and shelves.


We were also looking at buying a new bed or bed frame, until we found out the prices of new beds. Instead Dave will be fixing our bed frame so it can last another year or so. Did you know that a bed will double in weight after 10 years due to the accumulation of dust (which is made of primarily dried skin and hair flakes)? GROSS! I think we will be buying a new bed as soon as we can afford it because our bed is 6 ½ years old and that is really skeeving me out. No wonder it’s been so hard to move lately.

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