Sunday, January 14, 2007

Rose uses sign language!

We have met several milestones in the past few days. So here is a summary of them.

Today I was nursing Rose, and she was biting me to try to get my attention (I am frequently nursing at the keyboard!). We do elimination communication, so I've been showing her the signs for "potty" and "finished." So when I look down at Rose, she has her little fist in the air just like I show her every time she sits down to use the potty. So I take her in to the potty and sit her down, and seconds later we have a poop in there. WOW! I was very impressed with her. She is quite the little communicator, and if I do say so myself, a genius.

She also crawled across the bed Thursday (1-11) night. Of course Dave was the only witness to this feat. But it was actual hands and knees crawling (I guess actually the proper term is "creeping"). She is frequently "combat crawling," which doesn't mean she has found Dave's shotgun. She is crawling using her forearms to propel her body. She started this a couple weeks ago.

Lacy also has slept in a bed by herself two nights this week. This is a miracle! She slept in the "pink bed" over at Grandma's house Wednesday night (we stayed there due to the winter storms and ice that was certain to follow, so my mom could watch the girls so I wouldn't have to risk taking them out to Summit Lake where the roads are incredibly dangerous while icy). I gave her the choice of the big bed or the little pink bed, and she chose the pink bed. She even fell asleep by herself. I checked on her and she had her eyes open for about 30 minutes, but eventually she was asleep in that bed. She fell asleep in it last night, too (we are "borrowing" it from my mom), and she stayed there all night long. She fell asleep in there another night but had a nightmare and came to bed with us. So three nights since Wednesday night falling asleep in her own bed! It's a miracle! We bought a heater for her room so we can get it all ready for her to sleep by herself next winter. It's a little bit of a bittersweet moment for me.

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