Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Toddler nursing funny

I'm going to get better at blogging again.  I'm determined.  In fact, I have a few ideas up my sleeve that I'm going to address in future blog posts.  But for now, here is a toddler nursing funny that happened last night.  Little one just turned 2 at the end of January.   Yes, he's still nursing.  A lot.  No intentions of stopping anytime in the immediate future, though my girls were both weaned a little after they turned 3, so the same will probably apply with him as well.

I was feeling very touched out last night and needed a break from my busy little guy.  He just wanted to nurse all evening but I was super busy and my nipples were getting a little bit overworked and a little sore.  Nothing I tried dissuaded him from wanting to nurse.  So I held up a package of these and told him

Steel Nipples Zinc Plated, 1/8 IP

 and told him, "I don't have these.  So you're going to wait until later to nurse."  He said, "Okay!" and went off and played for about 45 minutes without asking to nurse again.  Apparently this was an excellent visual aid for a nursing toddler boy.  

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