Monday, July 25, 2011

Lacy's Birthday Interview

My name is: Lacy
I am 7 years old.
I am 51 1/4 inches tall and I weigh 58 pounds. 
My favorite color is black.
My favorite book is one with the main character of Lacy (we can't remember the book name)
My favorite show is Wild Kratts
My favorite food is cake
I want to be a scientist when I grow up.
My favorite subject at school is reading.
The music I like best is the music I learn at school.
My favorite thing I did last year was meeting my teacher
This year I hope I will watch TV at lunch again.
My favorite place to go is school.
My favorite thing to do is draw.
My favorite animal is every animal.
My favorite thing to do with Rose is play on my bed.
My favorite thing to do with Uriah is help him climb up my ladder.
My favorite thing to do with daddy is go to the little store and eat candy.
My favorite thing to do with mommy is go to the fair and sit in the ferris wheel.


Les said...

Her favorite color is black now? Did you explain to her that it is not a color, it is the absence of color? Haha, I'm sure my kids will tell her some day. And the new Rick Riordan book "The Lost Hero" has a character in it named Lacy, it's even spelled the same way.

Carolyn said...

I actually read that book and she was pretty happy about it. The book about the main character Lacy we never actually finished lol. I'm surprised she didn't say Harry Potter since she's obsessed with it right now.