Monday, June 04, 2012

Allergies and Us

We have all the allergies.  Food.  Hayfever.  Dust and mold.  Pet.  Medication.  I did everything I could and researched up a storm to do the best I could to keep our kids from having allergies. I was very careful.  Despite my best efforts, all three of the kids have allergies.  According to the allergy doctor that we see, with Dave and my allergies combined, we have an 80% chance of passing those allergies on.  I guess genetics are a lot stronger than the other factors such as infant feeding method, introduction of solids, allowing your kids to play in the dirt, ect.

So now we have to learn to deal with it and now I'm on a mission to keep their allergies at bay using the least invasive methods possible.

In the meantime, at least the food and pet allergies are easier to avoid.  It's the hayfever and the dust and mold allergies that are difficult.  All three kids have dust allergies of varying degrees.  All three children also have food allergies.  Each child is allergic to egg whites.  That is Uriah's only diagnosed food allergy.  Lacy is also allergic to milk.  Rose is also allergic to banana, yeast, pecans and almonds.  And, because there is a child in her class with a severe peanut allergy, that means I have to rethink her lunches.  Fortunately, the food allergies are mostly mild to moderate.  Rose might have asthma. All three have eczema. And I'm afraid Uriah has the worst allergies of all three.  Because he's so little, there wasn't as much room to do tests on his back, and blood tests for two year olds are notoriously inaccurate.

So, we need to make a lot of changes.  I'm on a mission to keep my family healthy while staying away from as many medications as possible.

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Jeff and Jessie said...

We are currently trying an allergy treatment called NAET. You may want to look into it.