Wednesday, July 21, 2010


On Monday, we decided to head up to Olympic National Park and stay a couple of nights in the Staircase area. It is so beautiful!

This is where we stayed:

With a river running behind us, with the constant white noise soothing us to sleep each night. It was also great fun for the kids to play at! Next year, when Riah's mobile, we'll have to stay away from the river so I'm not constantly worrying about him escaping and getting down to the river without me!

There are lots of things to do in the Staircase area. One of the first things we did was take a hike. There is a beautiful hike where you can walk a loop and cross a bridge, but unfortunately the bridge washed out a few years ago and now you can't do that anymore. But hopefully soon they will rebuild the bridge and we can walk it again! But there is a huge fallen red cedar tree that you can look at, climb, and look at in awe of it's giant stature. I would have liked to see it while still standing, but it probably fell before I was even born.

Besides hiking, you can take a short drive to Lake Cushman to play at the beach or go boating and fishing. Unfortunately, the beach is quite rocky, and I dropped my camera. The screen is now broken, but I can still take pictures with my camera. C'est la vie!

We had a great time on our trip and can't wait to visit again soon! We bought the year membership to Olympic National Park (it was only $15 more than the week pass) and we're planning on getting our money's worth out of that card!


Emily said...

Love Staircase!!!
And Lake Cushman is one of my favorite places to go too :) Good memories there.
Did y'all have to make reservations at Staircase? If not, did you have trouble finding a site you liked?
I'm trying to find a nice place to camp that's not booked up through the end of the summer...

Carolyn said...

No, they don't take reservations. We didn't have trouble finding a great site because we came on a Monday, and most campers were gone already. It fills up on the weekends though.