Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Is all I ever do baby updates anymore? Plus other good things.

Yet another midwife appointment. Baby apparently had a growth spurt, because I gained 3.5 pounds (a total of 26 pounds thus far- not too bad!) and am measuring a bit ahead of schedule again fundal-height wise (last time I was measuring exactly right on). Everything's looking great- baby's still head down and he's not posterior at the moment, and he's feeling like he's more average sized (I am capable of delivering a 12 pound baby I am sure, but I don't really want to!). I'm feeling like he's going to be in between Lacy and Rose's size- high 8's or low 9's.

AND I went BY MYSELF to my appointment! My sister was so kind as to watch my children for me so I wouldn't go crazy while I was there. They love going to the midwife with me, but honestly, it gets to be a little too much sometimes with them!

After the appointment, I went by K-Mart because I figured they wouldn't be as busy as other stores would be a few days before Christmas. I was right, however, their selection stinks and I couldn't find anything because I never shop there, so I still spent an hour in the store. At least I didn't have to deal with stinky parking situations or long lines, which I dread. I was able to find a few things I needed to get, but forgot to look for the materials I need for this year's funny gift.

After shopping, I went back to Leslie's, and we spent a little time in the kitchen making a few Christmas treats. The girls had a lot of fun eating them and playing with their cousins. We went home to have leftovers for dinner (yum!) and now the girls are settling in their beds. We'll see if they actually go to sleep- their sleep schedules have been so wonky since school got out.

But the BEST NEWS OF ALL: Dave's friend had two beef cows. One was butchered last week. Ever since then, their remaining cow has been going crazy. Escaping and going into the neighbor's yard, destroying fences and property, and basically acting wild. They decided they can NOT have this in their yard anymore. But because they're already going to have an entire cow to put in their freezer, they have opted to give it to us! Dave went out this afternoon to try to find it, and he killed it himself, dressed it out, and is taking it out to a close friend's house who has a meat locker and a processing center. Next week will be butchering time! If that wasn't good enough news, he ALSO shot a 3 point buck with his bow today (for those of you on the east coast, that's a 6 point buck, and for a black tailed deer, which is all we have around here, that's a decent size)! He didn't have time to track it and find it, but he knows he got it and he knows exactly where it is and will get it tomorrow to dress it out and hang it. I don't have any more details than that at the moment. I'm feeling incredibly blessed that our family will have plenty of meat to get us through the next year. Not only that, it is all good, basically organic meat that ate the food naturally intended for that animal to eat, and locally grown, too!

UPDATE: Dave went back and got the deer already! We are going to be overflowing with meat soon!

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