Thursday, December 24, 2009

Dave found Rudolph

...and he's going to taste delicious!

For any of you from out-of-state, who may be used to other species of deer (especially mule deer), this is actually quite a large black tail deer. And with a bow, it's an absolute trophy! We rarely ever see deer this large, and we see deer quite often living out near the woods. I'm so proud of my hubby! (Not that he was looking for a trophy- as he always says, you can't eat antlers! This deer also has a big body and will provide us with quite a bit of meat)


The.Emo.Pirates(: said...

i'm using some of your pictures for my blog, and no matter what you say, i'm not taking them down. feel free to have a look. thanks! i love you.

Anonymous said...

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