Monday, October 05, 2009

New Niece!

Dave's brother Tim's wife Julie had a baby tonight! Little baby Hailee was born around 5 or 5:30 and weighed in at 7 1/2 pounds. She is gorgeous with a full head of dark brown hair (the old wives' tale proved true this time- Julie had near constant heartburn the whole time). I am happy to report that everyone is healthy as well, and I've heard that baby is nursing like a champ. Yea!

Tonight we went to my niece Allison's birthday party and got the news that Hailee had arrived once we got there. We had lots of fun seeing family and friends, and at dusk when the park closed, we all headed off to Chris and Kelly's house (Allison's parents) and met Big Dave there, who had pictures of the new little beauty.

Dave's grandpa is having some health problems and can't live alone anymore, and Chris and Kelly were gracious enough to invite him to live with them. He was able to see the pictures of his newest great granddaughter when she was only a couple of hours old. I was really happy that he was able to see her pictures so soon after her birth. It was nice that we were all able to say hello to him, too.

Kelly was such a sweetheart and printed out a picture for Lacy to take to school tomorrow. This is "H" week at school, and Lacy's sharing day is tomorrow, so she is taking in a picture of baby Hailee to share with her class! She is so excited to share about her newest cousin!

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Blonde African Americans said...

I bet she is! The whole town will know about baby Hailee soon. How cute! -T