Saturday, October 03, 2009

Family Project

In Lacy's kindergarten class each month, she is assigned a special family project that she is supposed to do with all of her family. Last month, she did a "getting to know you" apple, with a picture of her on the apple. She put lots of things about her on the apple and colored it herself. I did all the writing on the apple.

She was very excited to get going on it this month! They gave them a blank pumpkin, and told them they could decorate it any way they wanted, using whatever they chose. During general conference this morning, we decided to get going on Lacy's pumpkin. All four of us helped out with making pumpkin. Here is what we came up with.

A little elaborate? Maybe. Can you even tell that it is a pumpkin?

Well, we had fun with it at least! She gets to share it in her class on Monday.


Emily said...

I feel like such a bad mom, I never did any of my boys' kindergarten "homework" with them. Or did it period. C'est le vie.

Emily said...

Oh, and that is just too cute for words.