Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Kiss That Fish!

Yesterday we went to Fawn Lake with the girls, and Lacy reeled in a fish. We told Lacy she had to kiss the fish since she caught it. She obliged!

We met Uncle Chris and Aunt Kelly at the lake, who brought Allison, who is just a few months younger than Rose. They are good friends and love each other. I had to snap this picture when Rose grabbed onto Allison's hand as they walked down toward the lake together.
Lacy, Rose and Allison all played pretend for the rest of the trip, since the fishing wasn't that good and the fish weren't biting very well.
Today would have been a much better day to take the kids fishing-- they brought back an entire cooler filled with fish! Yesterday, we only brought home that one fish Lacy kissed. There were only a few other fish caught yesterday, none of which were keepers. Lacy's fish was a keeper based on the fact that it swallowed the hook!

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