Monday, July 27, 2009

The Best Time to Wean

Yes, Rose is still nursing. She's 3 year old, just turned in May. But the time has come (for me, not for her) that the nursing relationship needs to come to an end. Mainly because I'm too hot to nurse her anymore. Which is why July is the ideal time to wean- incentive to keep plugging along until the task is done! I still give her five minutes before bed, then I lie down with her for a few minutes. Usually Dave will lie down with her until she's asleep, but tonight 1) Dave's not home and 2) It's so hot she's having trouble settling down anyway. So she's in the bedroom crying and whining. I'm doing what I can to console her, but I can't lie down with her the entire time. I would like to have her in her own bed before another little munchkin joins our crew, and that's happening in the not-too-distant future!

But we'll keep plugging away. It will only get hotter, so my distaste for being touched will only increase. The next step (after she's mastered lying down in bed and falling asleep sans mama) will be to nurse before spiritual time, then brush teeth and stories, then bed. Then, cut it out altogether.

I weaned Lacy right around this age, too. It's funny that she seemed so much older and more mature than Rose seems.


Les said...

I don't know how you can stand touching anyone at all in this heat. My house is still 87 degrees at nearly 11 pm! Yuck! If it weren't for the raccoons, I'd sleep on the deck tonight! Good luck with your weaning.

Blonde African Americans said...

WOW, Theresa nursed for 6 months and that was a challenge I can't imagine a toddler, Congrats on the new baby I hope all is well and tell Dave and Brenda thanks for coming and visiting with us -Raphael

Mommy Bee said...

One kid to another is such a huge difference, even at the same age. I kinda struggled with the decision to wean Bear this spring, but once I'd made the decision it felt like so the right thing to do, and that gave me the motivation to stick to it even when it was hard.
I need to post my weaning story. LOL!

Jess said...

My little one will be 4 in about 8 days... and I am soo tired of nursing.. lol... it is SOOO hot here... 116 last week....(AZ)... She is down to nursing only at night... to go to sleep.. but its still such a pain... I had a tooth pulled the other day and told her that she couldnt nurse for a few days because of the medicine I had to take.... which is only a partial truth...=) Asked if I could cuddle with her, within 5 minutes she was asleep... my other two self weaned at 3 so this is a lonnngg time or me... lol... Im going to try again tonight and see if I can get away with cuddling again... =)

Good luck to you!!

Kevin and Lynne Smith said...

Wow, when I was pregnant with Chantel my milk dried up so Jessica had no choice. It made it easier.