Wednesday, April 08, 2009

We now have a profit on Dave's fishing license

Dave and his buddy Bill calculated out the market value of the fish Dave, Bill and Bill's sons caught today, and deducted cost of the fishing licenses that they both bought recently for the new season (which begins officially at the end of this month), fuel and supplies, and discovered that they now have made a "profit" on the license, on the very first day they used the licenses!

All totaled, they caught 17 fish. Two got away attached to a stringer. One was released. The remainder were brought home. Dave caught the large one, which weighed approximately 6 pounds. Tonight we ate seven fish for dinner with Bill and his family. Rose ate more than half a fish, all on her own! The rest of the fish, including the large one are soaking in a brine right now to be made into smoked trout that we will all enjoy. I'm so glad that the guys were able to have such a great day fishing together!

The Haul:

The Biggun:

The Guys: L-R Tuckerby, Danner, Dave, Bill

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