Wednesday, April 08, 2009


My sister Leslie and I were planning on going out to Lattin's Cider Mill together today, but she forgot she was watching a friend's kids. Since Dave went out fishing with his buddy Bill and his boys, I invited my friend Emily, Bill's wife, to come with us instead. We missed having Leslie and the gang with us, but had a great time with Emily and her daughters Eowyn and Esme. We had lots of fun seeing all the baby animals! Rose was especially enamored with the goats, and Esme's favorites were the birds. We all had a great time looking at the cute babies and mamas, eating fresh donuts, and enjoying the sights and sounds of nature. What a wonderful day.

This picture cracks me up. Check out the escapee in the top left-hand corner! There were a few goats out in the open that the kids got to interact with. This is so much better than a petting zoo!

Eowyn and Esme petting a goat kid
Rose and a mama goat. She kept talking about the mommies and the daddies. I didn't see any daddies anywhere around, but there sure were a lot of mommies!

Emily and I both appreciated these chickens. They were quite lovely. It was fun to see so many heritage breeds of poultry at the farm!

The whole group, minus me, running off to see more animals!
Lacy and Eowyn, checking out some cute little chicks

You may notice Lacy's top lip looks funny. She slipped last night in the shower and ended up with a huge fat lip! She was really scared when it happened because facial wounds tend to bleed a lot, but other than a little soreness today and an inability to eat an apple that isn't cut up, she is doing just fine today. Unfortunately for her, she gets her coordination from her mother!

The biggest benefit of having great weather is being able to do stuff like this. The girls haven't watched any TV at all since Monday, and only today did they watch a short 30 minute non-commercial video from the library. They are so much better behaved when they don't watch TV and play outside all day. I'm hoping to have many more TV-free days in our future! We will be participating in TV turnoff week later this month, and I encourage all my readers to participate with their families as well!

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