Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I'm a Hallo-Weiner!

Tonight was our ward's Trunk Or Treat party. We had lots of fun. I was originally intending on having both girls dressed as fairy princesses, but in the end Lacy wanted to be Little... I mean BIG Red Riding Hood. Dave went as the woodsman/hunter and I went as a frazzled mom who was just glad to have the kids dressed, much less in costume!

The girls together:

Rose hamming it up at the cakewalk:

Lacy fishing for prizes:

Lacy made out like a bandit:

And Rose spent her time quietly eating everything she could get her sticky little paws on:

We had a GRATE time. We left just after 8, and when we got home we allowed the girls 15 minutes of free candy eating time, had spiritual time and went to bed, and everyone was in bed asleep by 9, which isn't too bad considering. I think we're going to skip trick or treating tomorrow and just go to bed. We got plenty of candy tonight, that's for sure!

Happy Halloween!


christine said...

I can't believe its Halloween already!

mollie said...

They look so cute!