Saturday, October 06, 2007

Cheese, signs, and weaning

Rose is saying so many words lately! Today we were taking some pictures and Rose kept saying, "Cheese!" with the biggest cheesy grin on her face each time we took a picture. What a cutie! She also says "hot" "Lacy" "Ama" "Mama" "Dada" and a lot of other words that I can't think of at the moment. Probably in the area of 30-50 words already!

She is also doing great learning sign language. She knows "eat" and "finished" and we're working on "more" and "toilet," and maybe we'll do "drink" as well. And maybe "nurse" too, but she is pretty clear about that without having to sign it to me!

Lacy is officially weaning. Dave started a new shift with a new company this week. It's swing shift so I am in charge of bedtime by myself each and every night from here on out. So it's tough to put two kids to bed who both nurse. I rewrote Lacy's bedtime routine so that nursing is #3 on the list (before it was #6) and it is in the living room, not in bed. After nursing, she brushes her teeth, reads 2 stories, says her prayers, and gets tucked in bed with or without music (her choice, but lately she wants to listen to the rain instead). I'm hoping before she starts Sunbeams she's totally weaned. I'll probably write a new bedtime routine poster in a couple months to exclude nursing from it completely and take it from there. Hopefully it all goes well! We also have "How Weaning Happens" on hold from the library.

I forgot to blog that my parents got their mission call! Woo hoo! Frankfurt, Germany, leaving January 7th. Also, it is very possible that my sister will be moving up here next month around Thanksgiving. She's going through a bankruptcy and home foreclosure right now and her hubby has a great opportunity up here with a company he used to work for. He has a face-to-face interview early next month so I'll keep you posted! It's got to be stressful thinking about a big move across the country with 6 little ones including a frequently-nursing colicky newborn! Yikes!

Dave is doing well at his new job. I have a lot to say about this but my baby is being quite the monkey nursing right now so I'll get back to this topic later. It has solidified my testimony on fasting and prayer though

Carolyn and Monkey OUT!


Chanda said...

Carolyn, that is exciting about your parents mission call and going back to Germany. So Great! I bet they are happy with that. I hope all works out for your sister and her family. 3 of Autumns 4 kids were colicky. No fun at all. Are you loving being home full time?

christine said...

Give my regards to your parents and let them know that if they are in my neck of the woods when they are over in Europe to please give me a ring. I'd love to hang out w/them for an afternoon or something.

I like how you do sign language with your kiddies and have actually heard lots about it how great it is. If I ever have kids (if I can that is) I'd love to do this with mine.