Sunday, July 08, 2007

We're Back! And wedding bells are in the future!

We just got back earlier this week from a trip to Utah for a family reunion and to Arizona to visit my sister, Leslie. While I was gone, I found out that Dave's brother Tim proposed to his girlfriend April. They will be getting married in the Seattle Temple (I believe) on August 25th. I have offered to help them in any way I can since it is such short notice. In other good news for Tim, he is starting up with the plumbers' union tomorrow as an apprentice. go Tim! Tim will be staying with us until he gets an apartment around the time of his wedding next month, since he now works in Olympia. (((Update: This wedding was later called off and Tim now has a girlfriend named Julie)))

Dave isn't faring as well as his brother, unfortunately. Last week was a scorcher (for Washington) and Dave was working on a roof where the temps got to 115. The first day of a new job, they have to wear just their containment suits for safety reasons, and despite wearing sunblock, Dave burned through his containment suit, and the next day he burned through his suit and his garment top. He's completely blistered and painfully red right now, but he's slowly but surely getting better. I wish he had 2 more days off to recover, though. But in good news, his company has given him keys to the shop and he gets a lot of "window time" which means time spent next to the window of a vehicle! He's doing extremely well at his current job and enjoying it. Hopefully he can keep it up for a couple years until he's ready to go to school for taxidermy.

In Rose news, we have 12 teeth now! Yea! And in Lacy news, she is recovered from bronchitis now and has stopped napping, and goes to bed at 8. She really still needs a nap, but it makes bedtime miserable for us so I decided to cut it prematurely. We'll see how that goes. Anyway, here are some pictures from the trip:


Zac and Joy said...

Carolyn - you and your girls are beautiful. We sure missed you at the seminary reunion!

Angela said...

Way cute pic of the girls in matching outfits with a cousin?. Also, your hair looks adorable!

mollie said...

Darling pics! I'm so glad you and Dave are so happy! Hope the "stay at home mommy" thing is going good for you!