Sunday, November 26, 2006

Sick Baby

My sweet Rose on a day when she was feeling GRATE!

Lacy at her Papa's house on Thanksgiving

My sweetie Rose is a sick little girl tonight. I'm probably staying home from work tomorrow to nurse her back to health. She has a mild fever (but it's hard taking a baby's temperature you know) and has had a stuffy nose for the past 3 or 4 days. It's been hard for her to nurse and I'm engorged because she's just not eating as much as usual. I think she may be teething (my mom would say, "that's what you always think is wrong!"). The timing's about right, the symptoms are there... we'll see in a week or so I guess. I gave her tylenol and some teething tablets and hopefully she'll sleep well.

And on a totally different subject... Lacy calls me Mama, but I'm a mommy. Like my name is mama, but my title is mommy. So she calls other mothers "mommy" but only I am mama. I just thought that was cute.

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