Thursday, November 23, 2006

Combat Shopping

Dave got off work early yesterday, so by the time he finally got back into town (he works in Seattle and the traffic was horrid getting back to the Olympia area), I convinced him to go to the store for me. Yes, that was mean of me to send him shopping the day before Thanksgiving. I really needed a can of evaporated milk to make sweet potato pie and I forgot to get it when I sent Dave out for piecrusts a few days earlier.

Well, the store was packed and the lines were way out into the isles. The deli was also opened but they were only allowing people getting deli items to check out. So Dave got the cheapest meal he could and bought the evaporated milk, a soda, and the meal. The total came up to only $5. When Dave questioned the cashier about it, she said, "Ooops, my mistake, you have a nice day!" So we have Chinese leftovers in the fridge that we got for free! Woo hoo! So he saved a lot of time and he got free food in the process.

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Angela said...

That is a neat story. You guys must be paying your tithing! Isn't it great how the Lord blesses us?