Tuesday, April 12, 2011

So how's the nightweaning going?

Well, it's going great!  Uriah was very unhappy at the idea of nightweaning.  At first.  The first several days were very, very hard, especially once I stopped nursing him at night altogether (night 4 and later).  I almost threw in the towel at one point.  Almost.  I think I was on night 5 or 6, and my lovely friends and family convinced me to keep on trying.  Guess what?  It got easier after that!  Uriah still wakes up at about 12:30 every night, but it takes about 2 minutes to get him back to sleep now, and I don't have to get out of bed or even hold him.  I just shush him (he likes the white noise), push down on the bed a little so he jiggles a bit, and maybe say a few soft gentle words while patting him, and he falls back asleep.  This would not have been possible a few weeks ago!  I am so happy that the nightweaning has worked!  I didn't follow Dr. Gordon's plan to a T this time, as I did with Rose, because Uriah was about 6 months younger than Rose when I nightweaned her.  I stayed on phase 2 for a couple of additional days, and we naturally and easily transitioned to phase 3 a few days later.

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Jeff and Jessie said...

All of my babies weaned themselves. Elinor is still nursing, but the boys were all done by 15 months. I kept trying to extend it, but they were done! I was sad!! I am glad your little guy is adjusting.