Monday, December 13, 2010

Music and my kids

I love music. Anyone who knows me knows that I am musical, and I hope to raise my children to be musical as well. Now that Lacy is in the first grade, that means private music lessons. I thought about starting her in piano, but since I was having difficulty getting into the groove of teaching her myself, I decided to go for an instrument that I can't play- the violin. Lacy's also been begging me to put her in violin lessons for about 6 months or so, and in September we finally got started with Suzuki violin. She's doing so well and has learned to play Twinkle already (it takes several weeks to understand the posture, holding the bow, holding the violin, etc. before they start in on playing the music).

Today I had a proud mama moment when Rose was done with preschool. Normally I wait outside of the preschool building to pick her up, but today Dave and I had finished our Christmas shopping and Riah was starving, so I went into the waiting area to nurse him while we waited for school to get out. At the end of school the teacher always sings a song as they are leaving. And whose voice did I hear, loud and strong? Of course my Miss Rosie! She was so happy to be singing with her teacher as she left the building, and I happened to be inside where I could witness her singing so well. She loves singing in church, too, and always loves learning new songs, too! I can't wait until she's old enough for music lessons, too!

And my little Ri guy; he's been immersed in music since before he was born. He was lucky enough to be my belly baby when I challenged myself to practice piano every single day in 2009. So he got to hear the music from the first time his ears started working in the womb! And the music hasn't stopped. We're always singing around here, and I play the piano a lot and Lacy practices her violin every day. The girls love to listen to music, so they usually have CDs going in their room when they're playing. It's a lot of fun! Riah has shown his love for music by pounding the piano keys and reaching up as tall as he can to play the keys whenever he passes the piano. I can already tell he's a musical child. People comment all the time on how big Ri is (he's almost to the same weight Lacy was at when she turned 3, and Ri is 10 months old), saying he'll play basketball or football or whatever sport. I really don't care what sport he plays as long as he plays an instrument!

This video features both Lacy playing the violin (Monkey Song) and Rose singing along enthusiastically! I hope you enjoy!


Les said...

Love. It.

Aliy said...

Excellent. My boys also show a love for music. it's so great for kids

Jeff and Jessie said...

YAY! So proud! I actually teach violin here (and viola and cello). She is doing GREAT!!! You know me-gotta have music in life!