Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Blessing of Uriah

Uriah was blessed on the 7th of March. I've been meaning to update the blog with what was said during the blessing but I have been busy with three kids! Finally, I find Riah in bed asleep and two girls in bed. The stars have aligned!

Uriah was blessed with strength, knowledge of Heavenly Father's love for him, help with obtaining his education. He will have health sufficient for his needs. He will have a desire to serve Heavenly Father and people will follow his example. He will understand the plan of salvation better than most. He will be delighted to serve a mission for the church, which will be an unusual mission, not standard to most missionaries. When he returns, he will meet someone to marry in the temple and will have a righteous posterity, and will have many blessings that only he will notice.

And, of course, now the baby's crying!

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