Friday, February 12, 2010

2 Week Update

Today Uriah got to meet the pediatrician for the first time. Since birth, he has grown lots!

Weight: 10 lb 3 oz (birth 9 lb 8 oz)
Length: 22 1/2 inches (birth 22 inches)
Head Circumference: 15 inches (birth 14 1/4 inches)

She also checked out his whole body, especially his nose since he has been dripping milk out of his left nostril when we nurse side-lying on his left side. His nose looked fine though- it may be because I have so much milk. She's also concerned of a slight tongue tie, but it's not enough to worry about since he nurses effectively and is gaining weight rapidly. He's only got 5 ounces to go until he is a pound over his birthweight- a lot of babies are just barely back up to their birthweight at 2 weeks old!

While we were at the pediatrician's office, the girls got to go to a birthday party! They had lots of fun playing games and doing art projects. Now Dave is taking them both to a basketball game, so it's just me and Riah at home. And he's sound asleep! I guess tonight's a good night to curl up with a book. Good thing I stopped by the library to pick two new ones up today! I've been reading books from the juvenile and young adult sections lately. I got book three in the Gregor the Overlander series, and I picked up a book called The Goose Girl that my sister read and really enjoyed.


Jeff and Jessie said...

Loved Gregor the Overlander series and I love reading Shannon Hale-her Princess Academy was wonderful too!

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