Monday, January 11, 2010

Haven't done this in a while... kiddo stats

I knew Lacy was tall. But gosh dangit, I didn't really know how tall she was until she started kindergarten. She is the 2nd youngest child in her class, and the second tallest. Then today, we had a doctor's appointment and I got the actual measurements of my children. I am blown away by Lacy's numbers. She is nearly 4 feet tall, and not yet 5 1/2 years old. That puts her squarely in the 96th percentile for height. WOW. I mean, she's often been in the 90s, but I thought maybe she'd slow down a little as she grew, and for a while her height stats were in the 80s. I guess she had a growth spurt. No wonder the size 5 clothes don't fit her anymore- they're all too short (but fit her fine in the waist). The doctor said she is the size of a 6 or 7 year old. But she's proportionate.

I also talked to the doctor about her tip toe walking, and after an evaluation, it seems like it isn't really going to be a problem, but we can always take her to a podiatrist if we are still concerned about it. And she referred us to a podiatrist that Dave has known for years and years. He's the guy that helped Dave with his foot when he broke it the week before we got married.

I didn't have any concerns with Rose, but I did have her get a vaccine. She is on a very delayed/selective schedule, so we're just trying to complete one of the vaccine series right now before we go on to the next one. She's been getting the DTaP vaccine. In choosing which vaccines we will do, we evaluate the risk of the vaccine versus the risk of the disease, and also factor in the likelihood of actually getting the disease in our decision. I feel like the DTaP vaccine, while it has a lot of side effects, is worth it because the diseases (at least tetanus and pertussis) are not eradicated in this country and are quite common, which is why I decided to go with this particular vaccine. Rose hasn't gotten many vaccines, and we will likely decline most others, especially the flu shot and the new Guardasil vaccine (which protects against some strains of HPV and has a high rate of side effects).

And here are the stats for the kiddos.

Lacy: 47.25 inches tall (96th percentile)
49 pounds (84th percentile)

Rose: 39.25 inches tall (63rd percentile)
33 pounds (49th percentile)

Compared to Lacy, Rose is a little pipsqueak! And she was my 9 1/2 pounder and was always bigger than Lacy (at the same ages) until after she was 2.

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Trish Parnell said...

Glad to see contemplation of and follow-through on vaccination. Too many of our families were not able to get their kids vaccinated for various reasons and their children suffered the consequences of vaccine-preventable diseases.